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Have a look at list of our most popular Frequently asked questions & answers:

Graphic Design
It varies. Design is not constant. We have packages and rates for each and every product to be designed; and that also works best with your budget and needs. A meeting would be ideal to discuss this.
Wedding cards can be as affordable as from the ranges of KES. 20 – KES. 500. The final cost of a wedding card is dependent on the design and materials used, finishing done (laces, foiling, embossing, buttons, di-cuts etc). The order quantities also greatly affect the cost per unit.
We could also work backwards to fit your wedding invitation printing budget by understanding your budget against the number of cards you require. That way, we will make samples based on unit budgets and not wholesome estimates.
Shop and office branding costs solely depend on so many factors. What would be the extent of the branding? For precise quotations, we do PRE-SITE visits to your hop and office. We take measurements and details of a you would like branded then issue a quotation for the scope of work.
This a whole range of options in cost against material used, number of sides printed, type of trimming (di-cut or straight cuts), type of finishing (gloss/matte/velvet/frost/patterned finish laminations). Other additions like foiling, embossing or special materials like plastic/wood. The beauty about these many options is that you can have a very nice business card from as little as KES. 6 for a single sided card and KES. 10 for a double-sided card.